Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cupcake Merry

World card making day contest

   Cupcake Merry

 My first card submission for the world card making contest by Lulupu. #happybirthdaycard1
The card is a very girly and teenager card that I made for my friend for her 15th birthday. The colours of the hearts are inspired by the colored stripes on the ribbon tied below. The window effect is shown by punching out flowers. The pink strip is mounted on double sided tape to give it the extra dimension. A cupcake is added as an embellishment to follow the theme. The red strip is used to match the red of the cherry and a thin pink glitter stip along the read strip to co-ordinate the glitter of the cupcake and pink used below. A grey card base is used to bring it all together as it acts as a great neutral to the pink and red. The sentiment is written with UniBall white signo pen. A cute card with fun colours!


  1. wow great card there!! all the best!!

  2. Fabulous card! thanks for joining Lulupu world Card Making Day contest!

    all the best

    1. It's all my pleasure. I'm glad I could take part in such a wonderful contest! Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Congrats anagha, Lovely card n I love the lil handmade details of ur card! great going!!